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The server has gone, and with it all the hard work and effort you put in to configure and customize it. Whether this is a bitter feeling you’ve already experienced or the thought of it happening to you is soul destroying, then you need to consider a number of steps you can take to protect your server in case of a spontaneous meltdown.
Hopefully this disastrous possibility will not occur, but there are ways of being safe rather than sorry.
First and foremost, backup your server. This simple process should be an obvious security applicable to all forms of computing and a server is no exception. To ensure an efficient backup service is running coherently on your computer, set up automatic system to run along with manual backups. Doing this regularly is vital, as even a week’s worth of loss data can be an inconvenience.
Another automatic process that needs user monitoring is regular updates. These are provided for a reason, and mean that improvements to your server have been made and are recommended to be used. This can often improve security and reliability.
Scanning, cleaning and general housekeeping tasks that can be made on your server are always useful so make the most of these diagnostics. Testing can provided valuable information about security inconsistencies and possible improvements so employ these provided tools and maintain the optimum security of your server.
Lastly, you should oversee the server personally at all times. You should monitor your network, hardware and other parts of you server, to make sure everything is running smoothly and your system is not in any danger.
So monitory your server personally, ensure the system is automatically protecting itself and if the inconceivable does unfortunately occur, by taking the first step you have guaranteed the protection of your data by backing it up, just in case.

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